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Data Analysis in Workforce Education & Development is offered for academic credit by the Workforce Education & Development academic program at Penn State during Fall Semester.

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Brief Description

Penn State Course Prefix & Number

WF ED 540

Description in Penn State Graduate Programs Bulletin

WF ED 540 DATA ANALYSIS IN WORKFORCE EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT (3) Provides opportunities to acquire and practice skills in descriptive and inferential statistics. (from Penn State Graduate Bulletin).

According to Penn State’s Graduate School,

A 500-level graduate course builds on advanced undergraduate and/or graduate courses, dealing with the frontiers of knowledge in the field. It is grounded in theories, hypotheses, and methodologies as expounded in current and/or primary literature sources. Synthesis of knowledge and independent analytical work by the student must be demonstrated. Significant and regular instructor-initiated interaction between students and the instructor(s) should occur in all 500-level courses, whether delivered in residence or at a distance, including online.

Role in Graduate Program at Penn State

Successful completion of this course or a Penn State Department of Statistics course, STAT 500, Applied Statistics, is Workforce Education & Development academic program requirement for all graduate students in WF ED.


There are no course completion prerequisites for enrollment by graduate students in Data Analysis in Workforce Education & Development. According to Penn State’s Graduate School, any senior with a 3.50 or higher cumulative grade-point average may be admitted to 500 or 800-level courses with only the consent of the instructor. Any senior with a 3.00 to 3.49 cumulative grade-point average may be admitted to 500 or 800-level courses. Schreyer Scholars do not need not seek permission for graduate course enrollment. Any undergraduate who wishes to enroll in this course must complete a Graduate School form, Undergraduate Student to Take 500 or 800-Level Courses.


Scheduled during Fall Semesters only (search LionPath for availability of course offering), contingent on (a) staffing the course with a qualified instructor and (b) obtaining enrollment in the course by the minimum number of students specified by Penn State policy (cf. “C–3: Minimum Course Enrollment Threshold Expectations” in Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures.

Usual Instructor of Record

David L. Passmore; use e–mail address,

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