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Scholarly Inquiry in Workforce Education & Development is offered for academic credit by the Workforce Education & Development academic program at Penn State during Fall Semester.

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Brief Description

Penn State Course Prefix & Number


WF ED 597

Description in Penn State Graduate Programs Bulletin

WF ED 597 SCHOLARLY INQUIRY (3) Exploration of personal research and career interests to stimulate thinking about work in the field of practice of workforce education and development. (from Penn State Course Bluebook).

According to Penn State’s Graduate School,

500-level course: a graduate course that builds on advanced undergraduate and/or graduate courses, dealing with the frontiers of knowledge in the field. It is grounded in theories, hypotheses, and methodologies as expounded in current and/or primary literature sources. Synthesis of knowledge and independent analytical work by the student must be demonstrated. Significant interaction among students and with the instructor(s) is expected.

Detailed Description of Course Offered

The purposes of Scholarly Inquiry in Workforce Education & Development (WF ED) are to help WF ED doctoral students:

⁌  Initiate their programs of studies for doctoral degrees;

⁌  Develop a working knowledge of the structure and processes for earning doctoral degrees at Penn State, in Penn Stateís College of Education, in the Collegeís Department of Learning and Performance Systems, and in the Departmentís WF ED academic program;

⁌   Acquire advanced skills and knowledge necessary for advanced graduate study; and

⁌  Complete some of the requirements specified by the WF ED graduate faculty for the WF ED Doctoral Candidacy Examination for 2015-2016 (cf., also, Graduate Degree Programs in Workforce Education & Development at Penn State A Handbook for Graduate Students, Faculty, & Staff for information about where the Candidacy Examination fits within the WF ED PhD program process).


There are no course completion prerequisites for enrollment in Scholarly Inquiry in WF ED. The graduate faculty of WF ED requires successful completion of Scholarly Inquiry in WF ED by doctoral students in WF ED who have not yet completed the WF ED Doctoral Candidacy Examination.

Delivery Mode

Scholarly Inquiry in WF ED is a blended learning/hybrid delivery course that is offered as resident instruction at Penn State. The course meets weekly during the semester during which it is offered. Although many WF ED courses permit remote participation, students may not participate in class meetings for this course using remote technologies.

All class meetings occur in a live, face-to-face setting because the course employs, among other techniques: small group interaction, one–on–one consultation with peers, the teaching assistant, and instructor; self–directed work; and team–focused instruction.

Student products from the course emerge mostly as written documents, many of which, in turn, become evidence of completion of elements of the WF ED Doctoral Candidacy Examination.


Scheduled during Fall Semesters only (search for available course offering), contingent on (a) staffing the course with a qualified instructor and (b) obtaining enrollment in the course by the minimum number of students specified by Penn State policy (cf. “C–3: Minimum Course Enrollment Threshold Expectations” in Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures.

Usual Instructor of Record

David L. Passmore; use e–mail address,

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